When should you use a pregnancy test kit?

If you are planning for pregnancy or wanting to avoid one. It is important to know your ovulation cycle to check on whether you are pregnant or no. However, irrespective of what the objective of the test is, to get accurate one, you should go for home testing kit if your periods are late.

On the other hand, if your periods remain irregular and you do not maintain a chart cycle then best time to test for pregnancy is after you pass through the longest time of menstrual cycle that you generally follow. For example, if you get your periods every 30-36 day and not like the normal 28 days cycle, then the best time to test for pregnancy is 37th day.

Pregnancy test kits are readily available over the counter and can be your best partner in this journey of testing. Aware of the anxiety and unsureness that a woman goes through, PregatHome has devised combo packs for pregnancy kits and ovulation kits at an affordable cost. So, there is no stress on walking down the medical store again and again for a kit. You can rather buy the combo which has 5 kits in it and use it over a period of time, if required, to test pregnancy. Our products are 99% accurate and easy to use. Moreover, they come in colourful packs that break the stereo-type offerings present in the market, and remove the hesitation that many women face in buying and carrying the kit home. PregatHome’s Pregnancy and Ovulation Kits define the freedom of women and empower them to be in control.

How to use PregatHome pregnancy kit?


Collect urine in
a container

Make sure you collect your first urine in morning as a sample for accurate test results.


Put 3 drops of urine on device

Put 3 drops of urine into sample well (present on detection card) with the help of a dropper.


Get the results in next 60 seconds

Positive - Two pink lines appear in the result window.
Negative - One pink line appears in the result window.

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