We’re a healthcare company making fertility and ovulation testing more easy & accessible.


Who we are

PregatHome is a flagship brand of Pathkits Healthcare Private Limited, a high tech enterprise into research and development of technologically advanced and superior quality medical devices and diagnostic kits. Pathkits Healthcare is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated towards making testing convenient, easy and simple with accuracy and quality at core. Our vibrant brand colors speak loud of how much we celebrate periods and motherhood. After all, any news is Good News!

We are believers of SIMPLE - Simple to use, Innovative, Make in India, Precision, Low Cost and Express Results, and something that we proudly carry as our competitive edge over others in the market.

Our products include pregnancy, ovulation and fertility testing device kits. They are developed at one of the world's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gurugram, Haryana, with domestic and international certifications. No more anxieties and hesitations with our home testing kits. A 99% accuracy rate of our kits provides the users with a hassle-free testing experience with express results.


Our amazing team

Dr Amit Verma

Chief Operating Officer

Kunal Chopra


Sunil Goyal



What we provide

Pregnancy Home Test Device

It is a simple way to confirm pregnancy

Steps to check

  • Step 1:

    Make sure you collect the first urine in the morning for accurate test results.

  • Step 2:

    Put 3-drop of urine on the device

  • Step 3:

    Use a dropper to put 3-drops of urine on the detection card of the device.

Get result in 5 minutes

  • Positive:

    If two lines appear in the result window that means you are pregnant and should consult a doctor for further advice. Please note that the color intensity of the test lines vary as per the stage of the pregnancy as the concentration of the hormone increases as you progress.

  • Negative:

    If one line appears in the result window that means you are not pregnant. Please note that the device might show test results as negative if the urine sample is not dropped properly on the detection card or if the urine sample collected is not the first one from the morning. We advise you to retest in such a situation.

Ovulation Home Test Device

It is used to study ovulation cycle of females and predict most fertile days to conceive based on LH Hormone surge. In female body, LH Hormone is at peak when the egg is produced.

See below chart

Based on the strength of the LH Hormone detection line in the kit, you can determine the fertility days of a female.

SIMPLE Strategy


Simple to Use

Our products are easy to use and have simple design with user friendly instructions.



Emphasis is given on constant innovation and development, keeping the changing user and market needs in mind.


Make in India

Our products are Make in India with domestic and international certifications.



Accuracy is our USP. All our products are developed with quality and accuracy at core.


Low cost

Our products are easy on pocket for a larger population.


Express Results

Timely results are critical and our products are designed to provide in 60 seconds.