Strips of Hope, Confidence

Unlike the days when women had to really rely on their knowledge of ovulation naturally or consult a doctor on missing a period cycle, today they are more into control and confident with the ‘strips of hope’. Yes, we are talking about the revolutionary change that happened in 1976 with the development of first home pregnancy testing kit.

Today, women around the world rely heavily on the pregnancy testing kits to detect fertility. Easy availability, accuracy and hassle-free usage makes them a preferred option over other physical tests in the initial phase of pregnancy.

At PregatHome, we aim to simplify the process of testing and empower women during the journey. Our Pregnancy Home Testing kits are 99% accurate, easy to use and come in vibrant colour packs. The kits are designed and packaged keeping our female customers in mind and their needs.

Pregnancy testing kits use antibodies to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) that is a key marker of pregnancy as it increases rapidly and consistently in the early stages of pregnancy. It can be easily detected in the urine. Our testing kits in three simple steps allows you to detect pregnancy. The results are given out by the strips of hope in less than a minute

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