Planning pregnancy in 40s?

Women planning pregnancy in their 40s is rapidly becoming usual than what it was a few years back. With more and more women choosing to conceive at a later stage in life, it is important to maintain a good lifestyle and engage into regular exercises.

Pregnancy in 40s could be challenging due to various age related issues such as fewer eggs to fertilize, hormonal change as body prepares for menopause but nothing is impossible. Today, with advancement in technology, it has become much more convenient to track your ovulation cycle as well as prepare for pregnancy with full control at any age.

At PregatHome, we believe in replacing anxiety with accuracy and therefore our products – Pregnancy Kit and Ovulation Kit are developed keeping the changing requirements of the women of today. Three simple steps helps you know when your body is most fertile to conceive and confirm it with our pregnancy kit. The self-test kits are designed to make the testing process simpler, convenient and accurate while you relax at your home. Please see how our kits work here

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