5 emotional experiences in pregnancy

Planned or unplanned pregnancy is all about emotional experiences and many a times a lot together. There could be times when you feel worried, and times when you will feel like jumping with joy, take it – you are going to be an excellent mother.

Handling emotions during pregnancy could be tough and could leave you and your partner wondering what is really happening. First of all, it is natural and a time to enjoy these mood swings because you are going to be proud parents.

With hormonal and physical changes happening into your body, there would be times of emotional outburst and should be taken as a journey.

Here are some of the most common emotional experiences of women in the world during pregnancy:

  • Anxiety: During the pregnancy, there could be moments that you feel worried, irritated or agitated. Some of the degree of anxiety is natural as you are in the process of an entirely new life.
  • Panic attack: Excessive of worrying can make you experience panic attacks. These could include you feeling awful of the situation, crazy and even sometimes inability to take decisions. Too much could lead you to get depressed and therefore meditation can help.
  • Loneliness: Since there is so much change happening in your body both hormonal and physical that there could be times during which you feel disconnected to the world and lonely. It is always a good idea to grab an interesting read, talk to the baby or engage in your favorite hobby.
  • Mood swings: Like the word swing, the mood and you are on a rollercoaster ride during pregnancy. Enjoy the ride of emotional outburst and take a deep breath as its natural.
  • Sadness: Like loneliness, sadness is another buddy in town when you are pregnant. So worrying and anxiety would just make things worse. Instead, look for the good things around and keep the sadness happy.

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