Irregular Periods in teenage girls

Irregular periods are becoming a common symptom among teenage girls. While it is normal to have variations in the period cycle in the beginning of the menstrual years, nowadays it the variations are much longer and period more painful on arrival due to the lifestyle and food habits of the teenage girls.

Studies indicate that irregular periods in teenage girls are linked to obesity, diabetes, heart issues and reproductive disorders such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Since there is no set cycle chart followed by the body, the timing of the ovulation happens at different points in cycle. The irregularity can put the teenage girls into uncertainty over pregnancy and period cycle itself.

Our Ovulation and Pregnancy Kits come handy for teenage girls too who want to replace anxiety with accuracy. With over 99% accuracy rate of our kits, teenage girls can track their ovulation cycle and know when its time to avoid uncertainties. It empowers them to make the right decision and tackle early signs of reproductive disorders.

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