Common menstrual problems

Menstrual problems such as painful periods, irregular periods and mood swings are common among women and can impact your quality of life.

While a few women experience these problems more before the periods, others experience heavy discomfort during the cycle.

Painful periods

There are many reasons that might aggravate the condition and lead to severely painful periods. While slight discomfort during and pre-periods is natural, mild to severely painful periods could be due to lifestyle issues, stress, family history or a high body mass index (BMI).

Heavy flow

Typically, the periods remain for a week for an average woman with initial days with heavy flow followed by comfortable flow days. However, a consistent heavy flow period days could be a concern and indicative of the underlying disorders or issues.

Irregular or no periods

The menstrual period follows a 28 days cycle. However, if it is more than it and lasts longer than 35 days then it is categorised as irregular period cycle. In case of no periods, the cycle happens once in three months.

While some irregularities are common from time to time, one continuing for long can impact fertility, ovulation cycle and overall health. Our testing kits such as Ovulation Test Kits can help you track the cycle and help you plan your weeks ahead with periods better.

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