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Yes, absolutely. It is an external usage product and does not affect any bodily activities.

You can order via our website as well find them at your nearest medical store. The products are sold pan-India.

Our products are available in packs of 3 for PregatHome Pregnancy Kit at Rs. 150 and pack of 5 for PregatHome Ovulation Kit at Rs. 250.

Both the PregatHome Pregnancy and Ovulation Kits give out results in 60 seconds. Follow the 3 step tests properly for accurate results.

C and T are the indicators of whether the result is positive or negative.

If none of the lines appear after the test then we advise you to repeat the test.

If only ‘C’ pink line appears that means the result is Negative.

Two pink lines appear (C and T) that means the result is Positive.

In case, the ‘T’ is a light pink line then that means the pregnancy hormone (HcG) is not in required quantity for detection. We advise you to repeat the test next day early morning for accurate results.

No, there is no need for fasting before the test.

For best results, it is important to test with first urine in the morning. There should be good amount of urine in the bladder. Water drinking can help but needs to stay in the bladder for few hours before it is passed for test.

The collected urine has to be dropped three times via the dropper in the sample well present on the test device.

One should ideally go for test within 7 days from the date of missed menstruation cycle. Please note if you do the test early in your cycle, the result may not be 100% accurate.

There are no side effects on usage of PregatHome products.